Friday, October 3, 2008

Two Shopping Trips + A Heads Up!

Target Trip:
(Grapes are on sale for $1lb.)
1.17lbs Red grapes - $1 Target printable q = .17
1.22lbs Black grapes - $1 Target p. q = .22
1.15lbs Green grapes -$1 Target p. q = .15
Bananas (no coupon) = .76
Ziplocks $1 - $1 Target q = FREE
Choc Chips $2.79 -$1.50 mauf. printable q. - $1 Target q = .29
OOP = $1.60

Albertsons Trip:
10 six packs of water = $5 (part of Mega Sale) No coupons needed!
5 ZonePerfect Bars = FREE (10/$10 - 5 $1 off mfq)
OOP= $5
Total OOP for both trips: $6.60
Heads Up!
If you missed the + Ebates deal that I posted about on Monday, you can get 50% off through Sunday at with the code THREE. Be sure to go through ebates and then tell your friends. Click here to read my earlier post. With this deal a $25gc will be $5 and a $10gc will be $1.50 plus 15% back from ebates.
Leave me a comment! I love to hear from you and I want to help!!


mayo said...

Not being a coupon user, I decided to try the one at Target. I went yesterday and they were out. I went today and ended up with two pounds of grapes for .2 Wow, I think I like this! Thank you for the info.


Alisa (Miss Frugality) said...


Abby said...

These are really great tips Alisa! Unfortunately I live in the boonies so we don't' have a super target or an Albertsons and there is nothing on that I saw that we could use *tear, sniff, sigh* :(

In the last pic on the birthday post of all the grandkids, all of them are Brad and Nikki's except Milo. Nikki is due with their 8th in late Nov. It's a little girl and her name will be Ivye (sounds the same as the plant but not spelled the same). I know, it is a lot of kids, but they feel that the Lord told them to keep going so they have no plans to stop.

I'll tell Nikki about your blog I am sure she would love to see it. With all of those kids you know she is looking for great deals! LOL!