Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Shopping Trips

I had $45 dollar worth of Glade catalinas from Albertsons that expired today, so I had to use them. I also made a trip to Kroger. Here is what I did.

Alberstons trip 1:
Baking Powder...$1.89
Apple Sauce...$2.19
2 Chocolate Chips...$4.58
Milk...$3.79 (you can see we drank some)
Frozen Apple Juice...$1.29
3 Lean Pockets...$4 (used 3 of .50 q that doubled)
big coffeemate creamer...$3.69 (not pictured)
2 pints Blue Bell...$1.76
Cheese Slices...$1.88
grated cheese...$3.99
green onion... .89
2 gala apples... .76
bag of onions... $1.88
10lb potatoes... $5.99
6 bread roles... .99

My total was more than $50 but the catalinas somehow took off more than $4 each. My tax was in the negative...-$6.76 So after all but one of my catalinas, my OOP was $1.19! I have everything I need to do the potatoes OAMC that I posted earlier. And I had to make another trip to use up my last catalina.

Albertsons trip 2:
French's Worcestershire Sauce...FREE (used Free Coupon)
Coke Zero 12pack...(Used Free Coupon from Coke Rewards)
8 Campbell's Soup...$3.84 or .48 each ( used .40/2 q that doubled)
sm. pumpkin... .48 (for my Riley girl)
pills. Cake mix... .88 (found recipe for diet cake)
- $4 Glade Catalina...
OOP .54!!!

Kroger Trip:
3 Price's Pimiento Cheese...FREE (Used $1 off q)
8 Celestial Seasoning Teas...FREE (Used $1 off q)
OOP... zilcho!!

Total oop for the day... $1.73!!!!
Total Savings $103.33!! off of the shelf price.

My weekly budget is $40. Because of these glade catalinas I spent less than $30. And of that $30 I used some of it for eating out and a Starbucks stop which isn't normally apart of my grocery budget. So I would dare to say I spent about $20 on groceries this week and I do have $10 cash left in my grocery envelope. Since my week starts over on Saturday, I'm excited to see how well I can do this new week. If I can consistently keep it at $40 or below, that will be a new personal best. We shall see!


Laura's 5 girls said...

Hi...I have been shopping at Albertsons a lot lately, i have never had really valuable catalinas print...just a coupon or 2 here or there. Was this a deal just for your locale? or how were you aware of it? i live in central california.

Alisa (Miss Frugality) said...

Hi Lara's 5,
You can read about the glade scented oil warmer catalina in one of my earlier posts if you like. I find out about it by reading message boards, like hot coupon world, and following coupon bloggers. There is a list on my page here of some good resources. This Glade deal is still going on in my area until Nov. 1. Basically Glade glade scented oil warmers are shooting out $4 OYNO catalinas. With the bogo coupon it is a money maker... HTH!

Alisa (Miss Frugality) said...
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Michael said...

Here's a new site with giveaways.