Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today's Shopping Fun

1 Gallon Milk...$3.79
Pringles Stks...$2.24
Laundry Detergent X 2...$3.98
Paid with $10 RR, OOP .01!

Target Trip #1:
2 Glade Scented Oil glass... $2.50 each (used $2/1 q x 2)
2 Glade Scented Oil refills... $2.50 each (used $2/2 q)
3 Lipton Pyramid teas... $2 each (used $1 target Q and $1 peelie) FREE
2 25ct ziploc... .85 each(used .75/1 printables)
Paid $4.20 OOP
Got back $5 gc for buying 4 holiday Glade

Target Trip #2:
6 Dog treats...FREE (used 6 Free Coupons)
1 Stocking from Dollar Spot $2.50 (thought it was $1, tricky)
Paid with GC, $0 OOP

2 Naturally Preferred Drinks...Free(Used BOGO CellFire q and bogo paper Q)
1 15+lb Turkey...Free (Used Free Q from Kroger Mailer)
1 Prices Pimiento Cheese...Free(Used .35 q, tripled)
1 Febreeze Noticeables St. Kit $7.49 (Used $5 pgesaver loadable and $5 paper) $2.50 overage
2 Purex Laundry Detergent 2/$5..(Used $1/2 q)=2/$4
Paid $1.72 OOP

2 Martha White Cornbread Mix... .72 each (used .55/2)= .45 each
2 MW Blubery Muffin Mix... .88 each (used .55/2) = .61 each
3 Ped Good Bites Dog Treets... Free after Free Coupons
2 Sunmaid mini raisins... 1.33 each (used $1/2 q) .83 each
2 Nestle Hot Cocoa... $1 each (used two .75/1 q's) .25 each
2 Ronzoni Spaghetti... $1.50 each (used two $1/1 q's) .50 each
Total before coupons $21.72
Total OOP after coupons $5.26 ( I just don't do as well at Walmart)

Total OOP for the DAY: $11.19
Plus $2.29 on Target GC


Leah said...

Girrrrl, you are AWESOME!!! I hope to get this good one day.

Hey, I thought of a question for you. I don't know how closely or strictly you've ever followed The Grocery Game, but my question about that system is do coupons ever expire and go to waste before they show up on the LIST? I know it says to "Trust the List" (and maybe that's my answer), but the last couple of weeks haven't been that great for me and I don't want to miss out on any deals I could be getting.

Any advice or insight on this?

Alisa (Miss Frugality) said...

I agree, the lists have been pretty bare lately. Although there are rumors of some big sales this next week and leading up to Thanksgiving.
To answer your question, when I first started, I followed GG religiously. If there were things I wanted that were not showing up on the list, I would get them at Target or Walmart. I would try to wait to use my coupons when the list told me to "play" them. And usually it was right, I would get the most bang for my buck that way. But, sometimes I felt like this is a good enough deal for me, I'm going to go ahead and use my coupon without the list saying so. It really just takes time to get the hang of the sale cycles and for you to see what the lowest prices are on the items you buy for your family.
Yes, many coupons will not make it to the list if there is not a deal to match that is deemed "list worthy."
And as your stockpile grows, you'll find you need fewer things from the list. I barely use GG now, but I really think it is a great tool. I lean more on HCW now, but it takes more hunting for the deals.

Leah said...

Thank you, that helps a ton!