Tuesday, December 16, 2008

80% off at Restaurant.com

Right now Restaurant.com is having 80% off their gift certificates. This means you pay $2 for $25 gift certificates. Remember to go through ebates.com for an additional percentage back. These gift certificates make great additions to Christmas gifts, especially for the people you don't know what to buy for. The 80% off also applies to the dinner of the month club. If the restaurant you want is out of stock, just get the generic gift certificate in the gift center and you can redeem it for the restaurant of your choice at the beginning of the month when they restock.

*****The NEW code is CELEBRATE for this deal! It ends on the 31st!****

Again, this is a good time to refer your friends to ebates. Until December 31st, if you refer 2 friends they each get $10 and you get $30 with their first purchase. So, with this restaurant.com deal, basically they spend $2 and get $10 bonus plus a percentage of the purchase back. That is a big money maker. A good time to try out these 2 websites.

I still haven't been seriously grocery shopping. We have been living off the stockpile and just shopping for produce and such. Thank goodness for a stockpile! Soon enough, the Christmas craziness will be over, and I'll be back into my routine. Thanks for sticking with me!

Merry Christmas!


Leah said...

Got any advice for newbies? www.metroplexsavers.blogspot.com

Elaine said...

Merry Christmas!

Alisa (Miss Frugality) said...

Forgot to tell you the code is SANTA to get 80% off!