Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today's Walgreens Trip

First Transaction:
4 bottles Pert Plus @ $3.49 = $13.96
1 Mouthwash @ $4.49
Total before coupons = $18.45

-$2.50 WG Easy Saver coupon (took that off of each bottle) x 4 = -$10
-$2.00 Pert mq
-$1.50 Pert mq x 3 = -$4.50
Somehow I had -.21 for tax

Total Out of Pocket= $1.74

Earn $4.50 in Register Rewards for mouthwash

Second Transaction:
Milk @ $3.99
2 bags sf candy $1.08
1 mini calendar $.50

= $5.57 - $4.50 RR earned above = $1.07

Total oop for both transactions $2.81
That is a good price just for the milk!


Elaine said...

Hi Alisa! Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you liked it.Yours is great and I love that you are sharing your experience and ideas with couponing. I look forward to learning how to save money!
Love, Elaine

Abby said...

Hey Alisa! It's great to see you on the blogoshpere. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliments. I certainly think Milo is a cutie!

My sister-in-law does the frugal blogging stuff too you should check out her blog at