Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Mega Sale Trip

I had a great trip to Kroger yesterday. Missing from the picture is 2 containers of oatmeal and 1 evaporated milk. I shared with my Mother in law, who babysat while I went shopping. I have to concentrate on deals like this!

The loot:
6 3liters of Ozarka...used .75/3 q = .25 each
6 Quaker Oats...used .50/1 (doubled) = Free
6 Evap. Milk...used .50/2 (doubled) = Free
2 Swiss Miss ...used .50/2 shortcuts q =.25 each
3 Buddie Bars...used $3/3=.09 each
Bananas= .88

Total OOP $3.09
Saved 91% off the shelf price.

I split it up into 2 transactions so that I could get all 6 of my Quaker coupons to double.

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Apron Pockets said...

Thought of you this weekend....check this out...during the month of Nov. Wolfe Camera will have 5 cent Tuesdays!!! Yes. 5 cents per print....prints are 3x5 but hey, that's still a great price. Call to confirm, but that's a deal to me!

Alisa (Miss Frugality) said...

Thanks for the tip miss apron pockets! Wolfe Camera soes the best prints too! That would be a good place to get our Maui photos developed when we get back.